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ART Really Teaches
The California Kindergarten Association's revised 4th edition now includes: 

 Preschool Learning Foundations, California Curriculum, & Common Core Standards are applicable for Pre-K through 2nd grade 

 Over 400 hands-on art activities are designed  to teach curriculum 

 Over 170 color photos of art  projects by 4, 5 and 6 year-old artists 

Art education provides the cognitive, developmental and  academic benefits of learning 

 Titles of more than 265  illustrated children's books align with Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies & Visual Arts 

 A to Z art ideas using mixed media, patterning, drawing, modeling, painting, printing, tearing, cutting,  gluing & displaying art

 Use art to encourage  imagination, critical thinking, reflecting, cooperating, organizing, taking turns & sharing    

• Art activities stimulate the senses in educational & physical development areas
First Stage Reading Program
Study Power
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The First Stage Reading Program includes a Teachers Edition and a Student Reader

 The Reader uses the  Roman Method to teach reading by learning vowel and consonant patterns which represent the sounds that make words

 Consonants appear with vowel sounds, not in isolation

 Phonetic generalizations   determine how consonants and vowels blend to form words 

 New words are presented within the context of   phrases, stories, songs and activities  

 Comprehension is emphasized, as well as writing, spelling and grammar in context

 Original stories enable students to intuitively absorb phonetic generalizations 

 After approximately 30 instructional hours,   students can read  books of their choosing independently with full comprehension!  

  Helps struggling students understand how and why the consonant and vowel -sound combinations form words 
 Create dynamic notes and processes to enhance learning

 Easily memorize the most important data in any book: names, definitions, descriptions, numbers and lists

 Work in small groups effectively, to help each other master any subject together

 Predict questions for examinations

 Use music to study effectively

 Develop and deliver   better speeches and essay answers

 Positively affect learning through the best use of sleep, diet, exercise and attitude 

If you can teach students to learn by creating curiosity, they will continue the learning process as long as they live. 

~Clay P. Bedford

New Colored Edition!

By Ruth Velasquez, Linda Becker, Zelda Le-Frak, & Pat Rees-Miller
By Thomas A. Velasquez
By Thomas and Ruth Velasquez
$9.95 includes tax and s/h
$35 includes tax and s/h
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A Novel Novel
​$49.95 includes tax and s/h 
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Study Power teaches unique study processes to improve academic endeavors. 
Sale Price
Sale Price
Sale Price
​Includes: character development, suspense, and illustrations!
Follow a diverse group of students who learn new study techniques through dialogue and interaction in a classroom setting.
​Learn How To: