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Learning the Letters and 
The Sounds They Represent

This book, is for homeschool and teachers of young children who want to learn to read.  Starting with the names of the long vowels helps students to use the vowel letter names in context, as Aa in ape and Ee in eagle. This avoids the confusion of mis-pronouncing and helps the understanding of words with different sound and letter combinations of vowels and consonants. This method helps students recognize the vowel letters when reading, writing, and using letters and words in short stories.  

The First Stage Pre-Reading Booklets

​The First Stage Pre-Reading Booklets are an introduction, covering the basic elements of reading skills for directions, safety, information and fun. The First Stage Booklets explain how the letters of the Alphabet help those who want to read better. The Program consists of a Teacher’s Guide and 28 booklets to read write and understand how the Vowels and the Consonants are basic to the reading process for homeschool or groups of young children.  

The Pre-Reading Booklets help students read English in context efficiently and effectively. The Program begins with the names of the vowels and follows a special researched sequence of the consonant letters to provide words that can bring the joy of reading into the lives of many. Words are learned in context of phrases and stories that follow the patterns of reading, the basic symbol-sound generalizations of the letters of the English language. The pages can be folded into small booklets to be studied, collected and stapled together as a small book.  

First Stage Books & Supplemental Materials
For the Homeschool Parent or Teacher

Learning the Letters and
the Sounds they Represent

Learning the Letters and Sounds 
Teachers Manual

First Stage Pre-Reading Booklets

Pre-Reading Booklet Teachers Manual

The Vowel and Syllable Song

The Story of Alphabet Land

Posters of the Vowel and Consonant Houses

Vowel Characters and Consonant Stick Puppets

Mouth Pronunciation Guide

Learning the Letters and the Sounds They Represent, the First Stage Booklets, and supplemental materials may be downloaded free of charge for individual homeschool or classroom students. 

Purchase the First Stage Reading program to spread the gift of reading.
The First Stage Reading Program Books for Homeschool, Preschool and Kindergarten-aged Young Readers:  
Learning the Letters and the Pre-Reading Booklets are a gift of the authors, to help homeschooling parents and teachers spread the joy of reading in a young child's education.  
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