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        Our school used the First Stage Reader's for our team of three first grade classes.  The students picked up the reading skills easily, and finished using the program in about three months.  By the end of the semester they were able to complete all the stories in the six required Houghton Mifflin Harcourt first grade Journey books.  I was very impressed with our results in teaching our students to read using the First Stage Reading Program.  

        I have been teaching for 20 years, and my co-teachers who were in their first year of teaching received the same results as I did.  We are looking forward to continue using this program with our new batch of first graders.  
~ Donna Lee, First Grade Team Lead                    Brighter Horizons Academy, Garland, TX     
        If you're like me, you probably have a hard time studying for upcoming tests.  I used to stare blankly at pages and pages of text for hours and hours; at end, I could only remember a fact or two.  Study Power teaches you how to get the most quality in your study time without necessarily studying longer.  Through a fun dialogue and plot, I was taught how to memorize long lists and numbers by breaking them into segments.  The techniques and tricks I received helped me retain information for much longer periods with easy to understand explanations.

        My teachers expected me to have my own study habits and note taking skills.  It's time to be independent.  Study Power helped me to become an honor student, and I was able to score second highest in the state on my Texas SAT's!
~ Aisha Lee, High School Student    
        I will be forever grateful for your years of dedication to teach children to read.  You have created books and tools which are easy to follow and apply.  I started using the First Stage Reading Program right away, which was close to the start of the school year.  Our grandchild, who is in the first grade, has responded in a positive way to the new techniques we are using after school.  He is a new student this year in school, eager to learn, read (which he would not even try before), and he has had 4 spelling tests which he has gotten 100% on each. Amazing and unbelievable, what a changed student!
~ Paula Leo, Az
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"By the end of the school year, 59 out of 60 first grade students were reading at grade level or above."
~Donna Lee
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